Make Your Mark!™

Need to locate underground utilities? Looking for timely and professional service at a fair price? Locates360 will ensure that utility damage prevention, dig safety and your project are always top priority.

We offer 24-hour emergency service and the most competitive rates. Call today and Make Your Mark!™

Private Locates

Locates360 works with you to schedule a date and time to complete your utility locate. You may choose to be present for our technician’s arrival. The “site meet” is an opportunity for in-person discussion, walkthroughs and to exchange and review information, such as plans and drawings.

Using the latest equipment and technology, our Damage Prevention Technicians will proceed to perform field marking of buried infrastructure. The utility locating process begins with a visual assessment of the proposed excavation site. The location of buried utility lines are detected then identified with marking paint. To increase visibility, vertical marking using stakes or flags may also be required. Flags and paint markings may fade, disappear or become displaced due to weather, time and excavation operations. To maintain a safe working environment and keep your project on track, a new locate must be requested in such cases.

After field marking at the site has been completed, you will be provided with a written summary via email, fax or left on location. The utility locate report contains important information including a diagram of the locate area and marked utilities . A copy of the locate report should always be available to the excavator during work operations and is valid for 30 days (unless noted otherwise).

If you have questions about private utility locates, contact us